A Good Night's Sleep Is One Of The Best Side Effects Of Pre- and Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage

Today we're diving into a topic that might not always get the spotlight it deserves: the importance of sleep before and after surgery. Let's be real; sleep is often underestimated in the context of surgical procedures, but trust me when I say it plays a crucial role in our journey to recovery. That's yet another one of the ways a lymphatic massage can help... because it helps you sleep!

A lymphatic massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can have. Many of my clients drift in and out of sleep or drop into a deeper subconscious state while having a manual lymphatic drainage massage. In addition, most people report getting a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep following a lymphatic massage.

One of the reasons is that during the massage, the therapist is manually moving the lymphatic fluid so that it flows much the way it would if you did forty minutes of high-intensity interval training! You are tricking the body into "thinking" it had a hard workout; your fluids are...

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