Dry Brushing for Lymph Health

As a lymphatic massage therapist, I usually finish a massage with a stimulating, full-body dry brushing. It gets the blood flowing and increases circulation. It also stimulates the lymphatic capillary mesh to pick up fluid and begin its way into the lymphatic vessels (lymphangions)  toward the lymph nodes. 

When I'm brushing, I usually describe what I'm doing and encourage my client to dry brush her own body for a couple of minutes before showering. That very delicate capillary mesh passively picks up interstitial fluid. Since it has no flaps or valves or pumps, this "mesh" responds to this brushing of the surface of the skin. Goose bumps are a good sign that dry brushing is doing its job.

Even though I always suggest dry brushing, I became a true believer once I saw how a certain client's body responded. It was almost miraculous, and I repeat the story here.

A Lymphatic Success Story

Let's call my client Ann. Ann had a complete mastectomy and reconstruction of...

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