Different Types of Fluid Drainage After Surgery

After surgery, your body produces a lot of extra fluid. It's your body's beautiful way of saying, "I've got you, sister, and here I am, coming to your rescue." Your body naturally produces extra fluid to cushion the blow after trauma to the body. This is a good thing. Thank you, body!

However, after surgery, whether elective or non-elective, you want to get back to your normal, PRE-surgery state. You want to feel like yourself again. Healthy, vibrant, mobile. You don't want to feel and be hindered by, the firmness and numbness in your belly… behind your knee, under your armpit... nor anywhere else this fluid is pooling to "fight" for you.

Thank you very much, you just want it GONE. 

This is where extra assistance may be necessary to help your body drain all this fluid. This is where the help of a lymphatic drainage specialist can come in handy. I write a lot about this technique elsewhere on this website. It's what I do, what I believe in, and what I enjoy doing.


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