Beautiful Skin Through Lymphatic Massage

Here's some old-school lymphatic wellness advice: Why treat the symptoms of the problems without treating the cause of the problem? Before spending another dollar on the latest skin product, check this out...


"We live in lymph, that is, our tissues are washed in lymph. It supplies us with the life-giving nutrients necessary for body development."

~Dr. Emil Vodder


In 1936, Dr. Vodder, the father of lymphatic drainage massage, wrote an article titled, "the Beauty of the Face." He uses the metaphor of lakes and streams to describe the lymphatic system, a metaphor that is still largely used by therapists today. The language is lovely, and I'm sharing some of it here:

"Lymph is a whitish fluid. The flow in the lymph channels is sluggish and we glide calmly through because there is no pulsation here coming from the heart, driving us forward every few seconds. However, we still move forward with the help of a carefully thought-out valve system that prevents backflow: we pass thousands of filters until we reach the large lakes of the serous cavities. In this way, we can visit all the regions of the body from head to feet: the labyrinth of the ear, the membranes of the brain and spinal cord, the pleura, etc. We run into flooded regions (edema and infiltrations) and dry areas where life functions slower and cells degenerate because the lymph was the source of their renewal. The lymph vessel system therefore represents a type of sewage system, eliminating wastes produced by the working cells and carrying them to organs which get rid of them –– the lymph nodes."


Dr. Vodder explains, "We should be aware that a poorly functioning lymph circulation lowers our defense,  which opens the door to every infection: catarrh, chronic colds, sinusitis, sore throat, angina, etc. Unfortunately, this condition of congestion, which can be traced back to a worsening stagnation of lymph, also has a detrimental effect on one's appearance. This is the deeper cause of a series of cosmetic flaws such as swelling, reddening, puffiness, bags under the eyes, pimples, couperose [Rosacea], etc.


Stagnation of the lymph flow therefore has catastrophic results for health and beauty: the lymph circulation has to be stimulated again at all costs, and this is achieved with the help of manual lymph drainage."


"Manual lymph drainage cleanses the lymph, the swelling in the mucous membranes goes down, and consequently, the case of the problems is eradicated."

~Dr. Emil Vodder


He goes on to discuss the natural regeneration of the skin through lymph drainage. During his research in Copenhagen (1922 - 24), Dr. Vodder met Dr. Carrel who was able to keep embryonic cells alive for over 10 years (5 years longer than their natural 4 -5 years) because he changed the lymphatic milieu every two days. Vodder concluded that "if the milieu and cell activity stagnate then the cells will degenerate, age, and die. If the milieu is constantly renewed, then life flourishes and the cells divide. Then the wrinkles and tired skin can regenerate itself, it becomes fresh and elastic, and the tired worn-out appearance in the face disappears. A real metamorphosis is experienced, a natural regeneration that comes from within."

The "new therapeutic method" based on these facts laid out 86 years ago, is of course, manual lymphatic drainage massage. As a lymphatic massage therapist, I often marvel to myself after a session how radiant a woman's face is! Even when the focus is not the face, but rather a full body session, the clavicular and mandibular lymph nodes are always opened first and stagnant fluid is drained from the face first. The whole body benefits from a lymphatic massage, and it shows on the face.

The effect is even more pronounced when we focus on the face and neck with a full lymphatic facial. (Everyone should do this occasionally!)

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